About the Artist

Kelly Schierer was raised in Crescent Springs, Ky. She received a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking from Northern Kentucky University. Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as the Carnegie in Covington, KY. Her work has also been repeatedly accepted into many juried art shows at fantasy and sci-fi conventions. She enjoys selling work at these conventions and plans to continue to do so well into the future.

Statement from the Artist

When we are little, we are encouraged to believe in fairy tales, princesses, goblins, castles and dragons. Somewhere along the line, we are told that we have to “grow up”. We are told that believing in these things is childish; that they are fake, and therefore a waste of our time. We move on, go to school, get jobs and leave these fantasies behind us to join the adult world. I argue that just because we grow up does not mean we have to stop believing in our fantasies. By embracing our imagination we can briefly escape reality and the stresses and obstacles put in our way by everyday life. It is curious that those who believe they see dragons, are usually, those who believe they can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is the process of making artwork using traditional printing methods. This process is capable of producing multiple images of the same piece, called the print. Each piece is considered an original work and becomes part of the printmakers edition. Prints are created by transferring an image from a matrix onto paper. CreativeKender Press specializes in the process known as Etching. In this process a metal plate is coated in wax and then drawn on. When the drawing is finished, the plate is then submerged into a chemical that eats away the exposed metal leaving grooves in the plate. The wax is removed from the plate and ink is forced into the groves. The plate is then printed on a paper with a press that has large steel rollers. Through this process, the edition or the multiple originals, is created.

For more information on Etching and other types of Printmaking Click here

Is Printmaking the only way you make art?

No, I use many different mediums for my art. Aside from etching I use watercolor, colored pencil, Copic marker, and pen and ink.

Do you do digital artwork?

No, I prefer to work with traditional media.

What type of commissions do you take?

I’m very open when it comes to commissions. I will do anything from a simple sketch to a large scale full color drawing.

For more information on commission please visit the Commission page

Can you only draw dragons?

No, dragons are just my preferred subject.