Commission Info

Commissions will be discussed between artist and client on a piece-by-piece basis.

Commissions start at $20 and increase in price depending on complexity of image, medium used, and size.

Commissions can be framed by the artist for additional cost.

When the artist has accepted a commission idea, a sketch will be made and sent to the client for approval. After client approval of the sketch, the client must then pay the agreed upon price in full prior to the artist finishing the work.

All commissions will be shipped to the client in a sealed envelope, with protective cardboard to ensure the piece is not bent or damaged while in the mail.

The amount of time necessary to complete commissions will vary. The client will be informed of time frame expected when the artist has approved an idea.

The artist has the right to refuse any commission idea that they do not find appropriate for any reason.

Please feel free to contact the artist with any questions.